New places for cultural tour in Guangdong!

         In 2018, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangdong Province will focus on building 11 key ancient roads in Guangdong and promoting the cultural tour of those ancient roads to further promote the restoration and revival of the ancient roads.

      The 11 key ancient roads in Guangdong include Shaoguan Nanxiong Customs - Wujin Ancient Road, Shaoguan Ruyuan Xijing Ancient Road, Guangzhou Conghua Ancient Road, Qingyuan Lianzhou Fengyang - Dongpi Ancient Road, Qingyuan Lianzhou Qinhan Ancient Road, Heyuan Yuegan Ancient Road, Meizhou Dapu Sanhe Dam - Chaozhou Raoping Qilinling Ancient Road, Meizhou Xingning - Pingyuan Ancient Road, Zhuhai Zhongshan Qiao Ancient Road, Shanwei Haifeng Yangtiling - Huizhou Huidong Gaotan Ancient Road, Huizhou Luofushan Ancient Road, in total 700 kilometers. Along these 11 key roads, there are numerous historical sites, intangible cultural heritage and natural resources, such as the Tianling Sky Lake, the Three Gorges of Huangchuan, the hot springs and waterfalls of Dadongshan, and the “Buddha bath festival” in Lianzhou; the Ruyuan Canyon, Lechang terraced fields and Zen culture in Shaoguan; red culture, folk culture of Chaoshan in Huidong, Huizhou, etc.

         The protection and utilization of Guangdongs ancient roads is a concrete action in heritage protection in Guangdong. It aims to promote the inheritance and protection of cultural heritage and encourage the whole society, especially young people, to participate in the heritage protection.