Introduction to Architecture in Guangzhou - Time-honored Veranda

      The verandas in Guangzhou are buildings and the epitome of the old city.

      In this subtropical city, verandas provide shelter from the heat of summer and wind and rain. Walking in the verandas is like walking into the local history.

      Wandering along verandas, experiencing the bustling local life, taking photos of Manchuria window, eating white rooster, its perhaps a way to relive the old Guangzhou.

      If you head straight into the columns of gallery at Enning Road to see the celebrity's former residence and read the past of the Xiguan, you can enjoy the past and present life of this millennium-old commercial city and forget about the troubles outside. This is a taste of the Lingnan culture.

    Verandas at Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street feature heavy commercialization. When night falls, the lighting brings forth prosperous scenes.


    In the old days, peddlers selling rooster olives were able to throw the olive bag onto two or three floors with a toss.

    In the streets of veranda, stores are everywhere and a time-honored store receives numerous customers

    Narrow street stores narrow the distance among people. In the veranda street, you can feel the intimacy among neighbors.

    The veranda street in the residential area is quiet and peaceful at nightfall. 

    Occasionally a bicycle passes by. The street seems quieter in the noise. 

    The old ornamentation silently tells the story of the past.

      However, the charm of veranda street is as profound as its own history. You can get close and never know it all. The vitality of veranda street is closely linked with the native Guangzhou Cantonese. As long as there are residents upstairs, stores downstairs and people sheltering under the roof, the veranda street is alive, ever-changing and attractive.

      The day and night of veranda street is a pleasant view in Guangzhou. It’s mysterious and never boring to look at